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Gifts & Novelties

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Code NameImage Price 
KEYABUS Acrylic bus keyringAcrylic bus keyring  $2.99
KEYAPOL Acrylic policeman keyringAcrylic policeman keyring  $2.99
APRHSCOT Apron PVC Historic ScotlandApron PVC Historic Scotland  $7.99
APRHWALE Apron PVC Historic WalesApron PVC Historic Wales  $11.99
TOWBOD Beach Towel Boddington -Beach Towel Boddington -  $21.99
BOXMAPL Boxer Shorts Underground Map lrg   $5.99
CARSSAGFT Car Sign Suction Cup - St. AndrewCar Sign Suction Cup - St. Andrew  $6.99
CHBRDGRAF Chopping Board Melamine - London Grafitti -   $5.99
CHBRDMULT Chopping Board Melamine - London Multi -   $5.99
CHBRDUJ Chopping Board Melamine - Union Jack -   $5.99
CHPBRDLUV Chopping Board Melamine I Love London -   $5.99
COASCOT Coaster pack Scotland Scene -Coaster pack Scotland Scene -  $5.99
COMMPHSGFT Computer Mouse Pad Historical ScotlandComputer Mouse Pad Historical Scotland  $6.99
COMMPSAGFT Computer Mouse Pad St. Andrew FlagComputer Mouse Pad St. Andrew Flag  $6.99
COMSUJGFT Computer Mouse Pad Set Union JackComputer Mouse Pad Set Union Jack  $12.99
TTFLSCOT Country flowers of Scotland tea towelCountry flowers of Scotland tea towel  $1.99
TTFLWAL Country flowers Wales tea towel   $1.99
CRUBIGB Cruet Set Big Ben Ceramic SetCruet Set Big Ben Ceramic Set  $7.99
CRUTELGFT Cruet Set Telephone Booth GiftCruet Set Telephone Booth Gift  $7.99
DBLBRW Double Oven Glove Manhatten BrownDouble Oven Glove Manhatten Brown  $8.99
EGCPLIL Egg cup lilac   $2.99
TTFSHCHP Fish & Chips tea towelFish & Chips tea towel  $1.99
FLGCIR Flag - Car - Ireland - GiftFlag - Car - Ireland - Gift  $3.99
FLGCSG Flag - Car St. GeorgeFlag - Car St. George  $3.99
FLGCSCOT Flag Car St. Andrew - GiftFlag Car St. Andrew - Gift  $3.99
FLGCUN Flag Car Union JackFlag Car Union Jack  $3.99
FLGCWL Flag Car WalesFlag Car Wales  $3.99
FLGSA12 Flag Scotland hand waving 12"   $2.25
FLGUJ12 Flag Union Jack hand waving 12"   $2.25
FFLOPMAPL Flip Flops Underground Map largeFlip Flops Underground Map large  $11.99
FFLOPMAPM Flip Flops Underground Map MediumFlip Flops Underground Map Medium  $11.99
FFLOPMAPS Flip Flops Underground Map size 5Flip Flops Underground Map size 5  $11.99
FFLOPROUL Flip Flops Underground Roundels size 7Flip Flops Underground Roundels size 7  $11.99
FFLOPROUM Flip Flops Underground Roundels mediumFlip Flops Underground Roundels medium  $11.99
FFLOPROUS Flip Flops Underground Roundels small size 5Flip Flops Underground Roundels small size 5  $11.99
FFLOPREDL Flip Flops Union Jack Red large -size 7Flip Flops Union Jack Red large -size 7  $11.99
FFLOPREDM Flip Flops Union Jack Red Medium size 6Flip Flops Union Jack Red Medium  size 6  $11.99
FFLOPREDS Flip Flops Union Jack Red Small - size 5Flip Flops Union Jack Red Small - size 5  $11.99
GAUNINSP Gauntlet inspiration patternGauntlet inspiration pattern  $7.99
GAULONSC Gauntlet London scenes pattern   $8.99
GAUNSCO Gauntlet Scotland scenes patternGauntlet Scotland scenes pattern  $8.99
GLSCSSA Glasses Case St. Andrew TinGlasses Case St. Andrew Tin  $6.99
GLSCSUJ Glasses Case Union Jack TinGlasses Case Union Jack Tin  $6.99
GUPT Guiness pint glassGuiness pint glass  $3.99
JUTEPUR Jute Bag Purple approx 12"x16"Jute Bag Purple approx 12"x16"  $11.99
KYALONSK Keyring Acrylic London Skyline - GiftKeyring Acrylic London Skyline - Gift  $3.50
KEYSASK Keyring Acrylic Skyline St. Andrew Cross -Keyring Acrylic Skyline St. Andrew Cross -  $2.99
KEYBBCS keyring Baseball Cap Scotland Light up - Giftkeyring Baseball Cap Scotland Light up - Gift  $3.99
KEYBBCW Keyring Baseball Cap Wales Light Up - GiftKeyring Baseball Cap Wales Light Up - Gift  $3.99
KEYBCE Keyring Baseball Cap England Light Up - GiftKeyring Baseball Cap England Light Up - Gift  $3.99
KYBEEF keyring Beefeater String Fella - Giftkeyring Beefeater String Fella - Gift  $2.99
KYDCBUS Keyring Die Cast Double Decker bus - GiftKeyring Die Cast Double Decker bus - Gift  $3.99
KYDCPB Keyring Die Cast Post Box - GiftKeyring Die Cast Post Box - Gift  $3.99
KYDTAX Keyring Die Cast Taxi - GiftKeyring Die Cast Taxi - Gift  $3.99
KEYCUR Keyring English Currency - GiftKeyring English Currency - Gift  $3.99
KEYPLEP keyring Ireland Leprechaun - Giftkeyring Ireland Leprechaun - Gift  $3.99
KEYMBUS Keyring Metal Bus - GiftKeyring Metal Bus - Gift  $2.99
KEYMCHAR keyring Metal Characters -Gift   $2.99
KEYPOLT keyring Metal Policeman and Tel Boothkeyring Metal Policeman and Tel Booth  $2.99
KYPBEE Keyring plastic Beefeater   $2.99
KYPBUS Keyring plastic bus Gift   $2.99
KYPGUAR Keyring plastic guardsman - GiftKeyring plastic guardsman - Gift  $2.99
KYPGRAF Keyring Plastic London Grafitti - GiftKeyring Plastic London Grafitti - Gift  $2.50
KYPPOL Keyring plastic policeman - GiftKeyring plastic policeman - Gift  $2.99
KYPUJWV Keyring Plastic Union Jack flag - Gift   $2.50
KYPTSUJ Keyring Plastic Union Jack T-Shirt - GiftKeyring Plastic Union Jack T-Shirt - Gift  $2.75
KEYPOL keyring String Fella Policeman - Giftkeyring String Fella Policeman - Gift  $2.99
KYGUARD keyring String Fella Guardsman -Giftkeyring String Fella Guardsman -Gift  $2.99
TTBGBEN London Big Ben tea towelLondon Big Ben tea towel  $1.99
TTLONHS London history tea towelLondon history tea towel  $1.99
TTLONSC London Scenes tea towelLondon Scenes tea towel  $1.99
MAGBRK Magnet 3D Breakfast TrayMagnet 3D Breakfast Tray  $3.99
MAGBUCK Magnet 3D Buckingham Palace - GiftMagnet 3D Buckingham Palace - Gift  $3.99
MAGLEY Magnet 3D London Eye - GiftMagnet 3D London Eye - Gift  $3.99
MAGTOW Magnet 3D Tower Of LondonMagnet 3D Tower Of London  $3.99
MAGBOO Magnet 3D UK BootMagnet 3D UK Boot  $3.99
MAGUJTE Magnet Acrylic U.J TeeMagnet Acrylic U.J Tee  $2.99
MAGCORN Magnet Cornish PastyMagnet Cornish Pasty  $3.99
MAGCHAC Magnet Metal 3 CharacetersMagnet Metal 3 Characeters  $2.99
MAGPOS Magnet Post Box 3DMagnet Post Box 3D  $3.99
MAGTEL Magnet Telephone Booth 3DMagnet Telephone Booth 3D  $3.99
MAGTB Magnet Tower Bridge PictureMagnet Tower Bridge Picture  $3.99
MAGWIN Magnet Windsor Castle 3DMagnet Windsor Castle 3D  $3.99
BOXUJM Mens boxer shorts medium   $9.99
BOXUJL Mens Union Jack boxers largeMens Union Jack boxers large  $9.99
NUJFFM Mens Union Jack flip flops   $9.99
MAGMBUS Metal bus magnet   $2.99
MAGMPOL Metal policeman magnet   $2.99
MAGMTEL Metal telephone magnet   $2.99
SKRTUJ Mini Skirt Union Jack One SizeMini Skirt Union Jack One Size  $11.99
MBOXTOWGFT Money Box Tower BridgeMoney Box  Tower Bridge  $9.99
MBOXGUA Money Box - Resin - Guardsman in Union Jack BagMoney Box - Resin - Guardsman in Union Jack Bag  $9.99
MBOXBEEF Money Box Beefeater In Union Jack Bag - ResinMoney Box Beefeater In Union Jack Bag - Resin  $9.99
MBOXBULL Money Box Bulldog In Union Jack Bag - ResinMoney Box Bulldog In Union Jack Bag - Resin  $9.99
MBOXBBEN Money Box Die Cast Big BenMoney Box Die Cast Big Ben  $9.99
MBOXPOL Money Box Policeman in Union Jack Bag   $9.99
MBOXPOST Money Box Post Box - Die CastMoney Box Post Box - Die Cast  $7.99
MBOXPIP Money Box Scottish Piper - ResinMoney Box Scottish Piper - Resin  $9.99
MBOXDRAG Money Box Welsh Dragon - ResinMoney Box Welsh Dragon - Resin  $9.99
COMCAR Mouse pad Cartoon bus   $6.99
COMSSA Mouse Pad Set with Mouse St. Andrews -Mouse Pad Set with Mouse St. Andrews -  $12.99
MUGCOM Mug Ceramic - Comical Pattern eachMug  Ceramic - Comical Pattern each  $4.99
MUGWMAP Mug Ceremaic - White Underground MapMug  Ceremaic  - White Underground Map  $5.99
MUGBDUJ Mug Bulldog & Union JackMug Bulldog & Union Jack  $4.99
MUGMANI Mug Ceramic - All Men Are Animals Pattern eachMug Ceramic - All Men Are Animals Pattern each  $4.99
MUGBUS Mug Ceramic - Bus pattern eachMug Ceramic - Bus pattern each  $4.99
MUGFRID Mug Ceramic - Fridge Pickers pattern eachMug Ceramic - Fridge Pickers pattern each  $4.99
MUGOLFRT Mug Ceramic - Old Farts Mug pattern eachMug Ceramic - Old Farts Mug pattern each  $4.99
MUGMCHG Mug Ceramic Man In Charge patternMug Ceramic Man In Charge pattern  $4.99
MUGTART Mug Ceramic Royal Stewart patternMug Ceramic Royal Stewart pattern  $4.99
MUGSALT Mug Ceramic Under The SaltireMug Ceramic Under The Saltire  $4.99
MUGGORG Mug Ceramic Usually Gorgeous pattern eachMug Ceramic Usually Gorgeous pattern each  $4.99
MUGGLTR Mug Glazed London TransportMug Glazed London Transport  $4.99
MUGIRE Mug Historical Irish ScenesMug Historical Irish Scenes  $4.99
MUGHLON Mug Historical LondonMug Historical London  $4.99
MUGHWA Mug Historical WalesMug Historical Wales  $4.99
MUGLCO Mug London Collage CeramicMug London Collage Ceramic  $4.99
MUGPROS Mug London Procession   $4.58
MUGMEMIR Mug Memories of IrelandMug Memories of Ireland  $4.99
MUGRPAR Mug Riverside House of ParliamentMug Riverside House of Parliament  $6.99
MUGSAF Mug St. Andrews Wavy FlagMug St. Andrews Wavy Flag  $4.99
MUGSTOW Mug Stow On The WoldMug Stow On The Wold  $4.99
MUGUNF Mug Union Jack wavy FlagMug Union Jack  wavy Flag  $4.99
MUGWAL Mug Wales DragonMug Wales Dragon  $4.99
MUGBDOG Mug white British Bulldog Best of BritishMug white British Bulldog Best of British  $4.99
MN051090 Pen Union Jack   $1.99
PECSTB Pencil Sharpener - Tower Bridge - GiftPencil Sharpener - Tower Bridge - Gift  $3.75
PECSBBEN Pencil Sharpener Big Ben GiftPencil Sharpener Big Ben Gift  $3.75
PSHLEYE Pencil Sharpener London EyePencil Sharpener London Eye  $3.75
PTGLSSA Pint Glass St. Andrew Cross - GiftPint Glass St. Andrew Cross - Gift  $3.99
PLTSALT Plate - Under The Saltire large - GiftPlate - Under The Saltire large - Gift  $14.99
PLTIRE Plate Historical Ireland - GiftPlate Historical Ireland - Gift  $14.99
V196 Plate mats inspiration pattern   $10.33
PLTSCOLL Plate Scotland Collage - GiftPlate Scotland Collage - Gift  $14.99
PLYCRDSK Playing Card London Skyline - Gift   $2.99
PLYCRMULT Playing Card London Multi   $2.99
RUGARS Rug Bedroom Arsenal F.C. 50x80cm WashableRug Bedroom Arsenal F.C. 50x80cm Washable  $15.99
RUGCHEL Rug Bedroom Chelsea F.C. 50x80cmRug Bedroom Chelsea F.C. 50x80cm  $15.99
RUGENG Rug Bedroom England F.C. 50x80cmRug Bedroom England F.C. 50x80cm  $15.99
RUGMAN Rug Bedroom Manchester United F.C 50x80cmRug Bedroom Manchester United F.C 50x80cm  $15.99
RUGTOTT Rug Bedroom Tottenham F.C. 50x80cmRug Bedroom Tottenham F.C. 50x80cm  $15.99
NT102 Scotch broth tea towelScotch broth tea towel  $1.99
NT104 Scotland map & armsScotland  map & arms  $5.69
NT103 Scotland Castles & places   $5.69
NT128 Scotland forever tea towelScotland forever tea towel  $1.99
NT123 Scotland highland games tea towelScotland highland games tea towel  $1.99
MTY10004 Scotland Mouse PadScotland Mouse Pad  $6.99
NT117 Scotland pipes & drums tea towelScotland pipes & drums tea towel  $1.99
NT101 Scotland scenes tea towelScotland scenes tea towel  $1.99
QFLGA02 Scotland St. Andrew flag 9"x6"   $2.28
QFLGB02 Scotland St. Andrew flag 12"18"   $3.43
SCOTCOO Scottish Highland Coo Toy Approx 12"Scottish Highland Coo Toy Approx 12"  $11.99
QCOMPSA Scottish mouse pad   $8.03
NT125 Scottish recipes tea towelScottish recipes tea towel  $1.69
NT105 Scottish recipes   $5.69
NTRAE02 Serving tray London scenes   $5.73
BAGFCH Shopping bag PVC Fish & ChipsShopping bag PVC Fish & Chips  $12.99
BGLRSKY Shopping Bag PVC Large Skyline - Gift   $11.99
V153 Shopping bag PVC Scotland Map   $10.33
V162 Shopping bag PVC Scotland forever   $10.33
V155 Shopping bag PVC WalesShopping bag PVC Wales  $10.33
BGSMGRAF Shopping Bag small - Grafitti - Gift   $8.99
BGSMSKY Shopping Bag small - London Skyline - Gift   $8.99
NWATB01 Silver Plated teaspoon H.M. QueenSilver Plated teaspoon H.M. Queen  $5.73
NWATB02 Silver plated teaspoon Queen Mother   $5.73
NWATB03 Silver Plated teaspoon Princess DianeSilver Plated teaspoon Princess Diane  $5.73
NWATB04 Silver plated teaspoon Prince CharlesSilver plated teaspoon Prince Charles  $5.73
NWATB05 Silver plated teaspoon Prince WilliamSilver plated teaspoon Prince William  $5.73
MTP20005 Silverplated teaspoon CharlesSilverplated teaspoon Charles  $5.25
NSNGSM Small snow globes   $6.88
NSNGBB Snow globe small Big Ben   $5.46
NSNGLE Snow globe small London Eye   $5.46
NSNGTEL Snow globe small telephoneSnow globe small telephone  $5.46
NSNGTB Snow globe small Tower Bridge   $5.46
NDISD01 soap dish 3D London   $5.73
SOCMAP Socks Children Underground Map 3-5 shoe - GiftSocks Children Underground Map 3-5 shoe - Gift  $4.99
TOYGUARD Soft Bear - Guardsman - Large 12"Soft Bear - Guardsman - Large 12"  $12.99
TOYUJTEE Soft Bear Union Jack BearSoft Bear Union Jack Bear  $12.99
NSGBCH St. George cross beach towel   $17.23
TTIDBLK Tea Bag Tidy BlackTea Bag Tidy Black  $3.25
TTIDTAX Tea Bag Tidy TaxiTea Bag Tidy Taxi  $6.99
TTIDTOW Tea Bag Tidy Tower Of LondonTea Bag Tidy Tower Of London  $6.99
TBAGYEL Tea Bag Tidy YellowTea Bag Tidy Yellow  $3.25
TCOSLUV Tea Cosy I Love London   $9.99
V195 Tea cosy inspiration patternTea cosy inspiration pattern  $10.33
TCOSGRAF Tea Cosy London Graftitti - Gift   $9.99
TCOSMULT Tea Cosy London Multi - Gift   $9.99
TCOSSKY Tea Cosy London Skyline - Gift   $9.99
T103 Tea towel Scotland Castles & placesTea towel Scotland Castles & places  $1.99
T104 Tea towel Scotland Map & ArmsTea towel Scotland Map & Arms  $3.50
T160 Tea towel Union Jack Wavy FlagTea towel Union Jack Wavy Flag  $3.50
T161 Tea towel Wales Land Of My Fathers   $3.50
TRAGOR Tea Tray Gordans Gin - GiftTea Tray Gordans Gin - Gift  $6.99
THERMUJ Thermos Flask Union Jack PatternThermos Flask Union Jack Pattern  $7.99
THGBMTG Thong Black Diamonte Mind The Gap - GiftThong Black Diamonte Mind The Gap - Gift  $4.99
THGWNET Thong Ladies White "No Entry" One Size - GiftThong Ladies White "No Entry" One Size - Gift  $4.99
THGUJBD Thong Union Jack Bulldog - GiftThong Union Jack Bulldog - Gift  $4.99
THGUJGU Thong Union Jack with Guardsman - GiftThong Union Jack with Guardsman - Gift  $4.99
THGLUVE Thong White "Lie Back" One Size - GiftThong White "Lie Back" One Size - Gift  $4.99
TOYNESP Toy - Scottish Nessie - Pink approx 14"Toy - Scottish Nessie - Pink approx 14"  $12.99
TRARED Tray Johnnie Walker Red Label -Tray Johnnie Walker Red Label -  $6.99
TRAPILS Tray Pilsner Lager - GiftTray Pilsner Lager - Gift  $6.99

Crisps Walkers - Ready Salted Crisps - 34.5g
Price: $1.45
[more info]

Crisps Walkers - Cheese and Onion - 35g
Price: $1.45
[more info]

Crisps Walkers - hula hoops Cheese & Onion 34g
Price: $1.45
[more info]

Crisps Walkers - Hula Hoops Salt & Vinegar 34g
Price: $1.45
[more info]

Crisps Walkers - Monster munch pickled onion flavour - 40g
Price: $1.45
[more info]

Crisps Walkers - Pickled Onion 34.5g
Price: $1.45
[more info]

Crisps Walkers - Prawn Cocktail - 35g
Price: $1.45
[more info]

Crisps Walkers - Prawn Cocktail - 35g - CASE OF 48 BAGS
Price: $67.60
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