Comfrey comfrey
Latin Name : symphytum officinale 拉丁美洲名称 : symphytum officinale
Alternative Name : slippery root, knitbone, backwort, assear, black wort, boneset, bruisewort, consolida, consound, gum plant, healing herb, knit back, yalluc -saxon, ass ear, miracle herb, wallwort 替代名称 :防滑根, knitbone , backwort , assear ,黑麦汁, boneset , bruisewort , consolida , consound ,胶厂,愈合药草,针织回, yalluc -撒克逊人,驴耳,奇迹药草, wallwort
Forms Available : leaf, root powder, root, infused oil 提供的表格 :叶,根粉,根,注入油

Comfrey - symphytum officinale - Also known as Slippery Root, Knitbone or Blackwort. comfrey -s ymphytumo fficinale-亦称为滑根, k n itbone或b l ackwort。 Teas, tinctures and compresses of comfrey roots or leaves speed healing of cuts, rashes, and broken bones. 茶, tinctures和压缩的comfrey根或叶片愈合的速度削减,皮疹,和碎骨头。

Other Uses : Root or leaves for healing. 其他用途 :根或叶片为愈合。 Carry for safe travel.进行安全旅行。 To ensure the safety of your luggage while traveling, tuck a piece of the root into each of your bags.为了确保安全,您的行李在旅行中,塔克商学院一块的根源,把您的每一个胶袋。

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